Can I use XYZ coord. from Reachview directly in a total station?

(Christian Grüner) #1

Can I use the XYZ coordinates directly in a total station, or do I need to convert them to UTM ?
My total station seems to support this, as input for rectangular coordinates can have up to 8 digits and 3 decimals.
As I understand the XYZ projection, it should also be linear in all 3 axis, so it shouldn’t be a problem?

(Peter Jones) #3

Grid coordinates will be fine with a total station but if your using geodetic coordinates you will need to apply a scale factor to your total station measurements.

Most survey loggers can do this (SurvCE, Field Genius etc…)

If the TS has on-board software you may be able to just type the lat, long in to the unit.

(Christian Grüner) #4

I Can input the scalefaxtor directly, so it should take that into account hope.
As far as I could read, this is only applied to the XY-part, correct?

(Peter Jones) #5

Scale factor can be a complicated subject.

It all depends on the size of your project and what coordinate system you are using.

If you want to read up on it see the links below.

Scale Factor

How to calculate scale factor

App to calculate scale factor

(Christian Grüner) #6

Thanks !
So, if I have 2 points from my RS+ (WGS84), and I measure the distance between the 2 with the EDM. With no scale-factor, this 2 distances should be the same, correct ?

If I want to use the distance for photogrammetry, and the software is using WGS84, do I need to use a scale factor here?

Edit, answered my own question, as I modified an existing photogrammetry project. I had a few scalebars in the project, and correcting those with the appropriate scale factor, I was able half the error :smiley:
Gotta love it when things make sense and numbers add up!

(Michael Lambert) #7

Try QGIS to transform coordinates.

(Christian Grüner) #8

Seems like I don’t have to, from what I can see :slight_smile: I wouldn’t like to have laptop out on-site.