Can I use The M+ Antenna With An M2 or do i have to get a different anntena

just hoping they are interchangeable

you will not get the multi frequency advantage of the M2


idrc about that

You really should…

Hey there,

I just wanted to add that we don’t recommend using the single-band antenna with Reach M2 because it doesn’t track the same signals as the receiver. This way, the information collected might not even be enough for the receiver to calculate the solution.

You can check out the recommended multi-band antenna for Reach M2 in our online store. It’ll allow you to get multi-frequency data on your receiver.

But why pay hundreds of dollars more if you don’t need more than an M+?

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The M2 is working great with the single band antenna

We have 2 systems on our tractor GPS systems. 1st one used m+ and one we used M2 on the 2nd system which we made laterbecause we thought we might go with Rtk someday and it reaches farther. The M+ quit working on the 1st system so we have now put the M2 in its place and its working. We will have to figure out whats wrong with the M+ now or just buy a another one. Bit disappointed if it only lasted 1.5 years

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