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Can i use DDNS names?


ok thank you for the suggestions

(George Staroselskiy) #22

That is correct but we recommend using this in ardupilot.service:
ExecStart=/bin/bash -c "/home/pi/<path>/<to>/<your>/script.sh"


cool… thanks… i tested this and it works… so finally this is the way to use hostnames instead of direct ips to communicate with GCS…
However, Mission Planner should definetily support the resolving of hostnames in order to avoid this workaround…

thank you

(Anders) #24

Hello! Sorry to bother you all after more than a year, but I am trying to follow your suggestions in my quest to get ddns working for udp telemetry on my navio2. My setup: Raspberry Pi 3B+, Navio2. Have I understood it correctly if the following needs to be done or what am I missing?