Can I geotag pics of my UAV with REACH RTK Kit?

Hi, I´m so new at this that I don´t even have a Reach yet. I want to geotag images and the using PPK have cm accuracy on my models and maps. Probably will upgrade to a NEX5 or so. Can I just use the Reach Kit?
Base station should be in a known position right? Will do that with my old Trimble 4600. Then I should put my Base Reach there.
Then the “Rover” should go to 5V (probably taken from Pixhawk) and camera´s hotshoe?
To power both up, and input the coords, all that is done via the Reach app?
And last, can I use my Trimble 4600 as a Base Station and only get 1 Reach Module for the UAV?
Am I on the right path to buy one and start testing? Or is there an easier way for waht I need?
By the way, I´m from Argentina, we don´t have CORS (I´ve been reading many people in the US use that for taking the coords for the base sation).

@Santiago_Escobar Hi! Your understanding is correct. You can use Reach with base station from another manufacturer, but for best results it is recommended to use second Reach.

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@mikhail.avkhimenia thanks for the response. I read I can use a Trimble R8 as base, I´ll probably use that for now. What elements/hardware should I get to use the Reach module to geotag pics of a Sony a6000?

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