Can I edit the sounds? Emlid reach RS2+


I have an emlidreach RS+ and wonder if it it possible to change the sounds it gives off when it goes from FIX to Float and vice versa?

Also, is it possible to make it give a sound when a measurement is done? That would be very beneficial when one person is holding the phone and the other is walking around with the rover. Right now the phone makes a sound while the rover is not…

Thanks in advance!


There is only one tone and you can adjust the volume or mute it. I have never thought about this, but it would be cool to have a custom one! Personally, I would choose something hilarious that would turn any heads nearby. :wink:


Yea! it would be cool to change the tone to a parrots voice saying “I got it!” When it goes fix and “I lost it” when it goes float :laughing:


Hahahha, amazing!

Hi guys,

We don’t have such a feature at the moment, but I see how and why it can facilitate the workflow. It was also nice and helpful to learn about your ideas for sound notifications, particularly the parrot :grin: All noted!


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