Calling fellow Land Surveyors

Hello fellow Land Surveyors,

I have read posts from several enthusiastic, successful (or partially successful) users and posts from several dissatisfied Reach/RS users.

So I’m trying to separate truth from fiction. My question is: Are there production land surveyors out there successfully using Reach RS in RTK mode on a regular basis? If so, can you leave a quick response? If you had it to do over, would you purchase RS?
Thank you.

If your livelihood depends on delivering mm/cm level position and you earn significant $$ doing so then spending $10-20K on a L1-L2 multin-GNSS system makes sense, mainly for the quicker convergence and more robust long baseline solution.
If however precise position is part of your value proposition / time spent in the field, then reach fits the bill.


Thank you for your input Simon.

Hi Tornado,

I totally align with Simon’s opinions I would just add a few exceptions to his writing:
If you are in a tight budget and you have to decide between no GNSS receiver and a Reach and you know that you will be operating in reasonably open skies (certainly not under / near trees) and you are willing to put the extra time for post processing (RTKlib is not particularly user friendly and lacks network adjustment) I would go with the Reach.
There are other possible applications where several Reach may make more sense than a single high end GNSS receiver like control deformations in fairly open sky conditions.

Personally I think the Reach is a great concept with a good user interface but it will require some extra effort on your side to properly know and use the system.



Thank you Isaac.

Where I am seeing reach being applied is as a standalone RTK solution with either a networked corrdection or within the local area of a reference station. Now the nasty problems of the hugely jumping and never resolving float seem to have gone away then I can safely put a reach in a position where (by controlling operational factors) I can safely assume that fix or float after 10 mins I have the accuracy I need for a defined problem.

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