Build NTRIP caster o field?

Hi, for compatibility reasons, I would like to be able to connect my RS2 base to PC and let this act as NTRIP server so I can connect, via Wifi, to the caster even when no 4G connection exists.

Has anyone done this?

The procedure is exactly the same regardsless if you are using a mobile-connection or ethernet.

Or do you mean that you want to connect the rs2 over usb/UART to the computer?


It can be done by connecting to your PC using the serial RS232 cable. You will need NTRIP caster software on the PC. I have tinkered with three of them, Lefebure NTRIP caster/SNIP/BNC.

If you do any of these your PC needs a static IP address or use a dynamic IP address in order to connect to the server.

Unless you are familiar with all the terms above, I would recommend using Emlid’s caster. It is very user friendly.


I was trying to connect the RS2 over USB and then use the PC as a caster. Nevertheless, I have found out the output through TCP can do the trick (if the client accepts connection without mount point like VRS, CERCANA, etc…)

Thanks a lot!

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I never tried over USB. I would assume that the PC assigns a virtual port to the RS2. If so, that should work as well.

TCP might work as well. It depends if your NTRIP caster can read TCP/IP data in. Some will only work with serial data.

Again, unless you use a static or dynamic IP you will not be able to connect to your caster. Most internet providers use DHCP which assigns your IP address to your home internet. This can change daily. If the IP address for your caster was good today, it might not be tomorrow. This is what a static or dynamic IP creates is the same “mount point” or IP address to connect to. Also, if you have your internet running through a home router, you will most likely have to make changes to the firewall in order to connect to it.

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Hi @jrbcast,

I can hardly suggest how to organize your own NTRIP server. However, I can comment on corrections output from the Reach RS2.

Reach RS2 works with the industry-standard RTCM3 format for corrections. You can check all supporting correction messages in this article from our docs.

In your case, corrections can be output from Reach RS2 to PC via TCP or even USB. You can check the details of such a setup in this guide from our docs.

You can use SNIP on the PC and connect the Emlid over USB to the PC. I once wrote an apps note on that topic, see here:

It’s not really an ease-of-use solution, but the only one that works without Internet-connectivity.


That is great, thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot, Julia!

is the ntrip caster a a live feed on refresh or a stream output via HTTP?

Basically, it is a retransmission of your RTCM RTK correction data via internet. This is the reason you have to pay attention to how far you actually are from the base station. The farther away you are, the less accurate.

This is why Trimble created VRS, which is a network of bases creating a Virtual Reference Station (VRS) in the field where you are. The 1st thing that happens when you connect to a VRS network is GGA data is transmitted to the server so it can setup the VRS.

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Hi @bramburn,

As @jp-drain-sol mentioned, NTRIP is a separate protocol for transmitting corrections via the Internet.

It works this way: the base sends corrections to an NTRIP server, then the rover connects to it and gets corrections. So it requires a permanent Internet connection for both receivers.

Hi José,

Let’s upvote this feature request : Feature Request, RS2 NTRIP caster via Wifi for DJI RTK Drone - #8 by julia.shestakova
it seems to be what you are asking

thanks julia I was asking if the Ntrip server’s output is in HTTP or HTTP Live-Streaming (HLS) ? the NTRIP standard that is online needs a payment to view them.

Hi Bhavesh,

NTRIP protocol is based on HTTP. Here’s a good document on the European Space Agency website.

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