BT satellites output on v2.22.1

Hi Luis,
Just to remind a rule :
even numbers are stable, odd are dev (development).

2.14.x stable
2.15.x dev
2.16.x stable
2.17.x dev
2.18.x stable
2.19.x dev
2.20.x stable
2.21.x dev
2.22.x stable
2.23.x dev

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Thanks You Zinou , I continue with version 2.22.1 that works very well?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for checking the update and confirming that the issue was solved!

Luis, this new update fixes the checksums and some issues with L2 conversion on M2. It’s usually better to be up-to-date with the latest firmware updates.


Hello Luis,
If a stable version 2.22.1 works good for you do not make an upgrade unless it’s for an M2.

I have an RS2

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