BT issues with RS2

Hi - I am experiencing very similar issues on two devices. I am able to pair with the device, however the Bluetooth connection drops after 5-10 seconds. Interestingly the Bluetooth paring PIN is not requested at paring.

I have experience the error on two devices - a Samsung S20 FE and also a Google Pixel 6 Pro.
The error occurred following the update of the Samsung to android 12 (the google pixel 6 is only available from factory with android 12)

@andrew.belov - is there an update for these issues? unfortunately it has rendered my workflow completely unusable.

Hi @lochie,

We’re still working on fixing the Bluetooth instability with Android devices. I don’t have an ETA of the fix right now.

I’ll inform you as soon as I have an update regarding this topic.


Hi @lochie,

We’ve released an update of reach firmware, 28.2, with improved Bluetooth stability. It should help your units to keep a connection to Android devices.

Please share feedback about the update!

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Yes, you did it. Awesome. Excellent. Thank you very much. The test with QField on a Samsung Active Tab 3 was successfull. No drop of bluetooth connection anymore.
Can you give a brief summary what google or samsung has changed on the bluetooth stack to break bluetooth connection and what you had to do to compensate for it?

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Hi Roland,

Great to hear that :smiley:

To put it in a nutshell, the recent Android patch stopped accepting some default Bluetooth settings of external devices. We’ve tuned these settings to be aligned with Android’s new Bluetooth link policy.

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@lucas, can confirm the update has not fixed my issue either . Google pixel 6 pro for me with android 12.

If I connect to the rs2 wifi, and not just Bluetooth, it allows connection for a little longer but still drops out consistently.

Hi @lochie, @lucas, @geodezja-skwierzyna, @andreas8001!

Thank you for sharing the feedback!

Simultaneously with Samsung devices, we have tested the Fix on the Pixel 6 with Android 12 with Reach RS+ and Reach RS2. Both setups worked fine in the office.

There is a variety of Android versions and devices in the market. As you can see, the same Android version can behave differently on various devices. It significantly complicates our work on the compatibility of our devices and software.

That is why we always ask to provide feedback on our fix releases.

If you still experience Bluetooth disconnections, please share full system reports from units to We’ll check what else we can do from our side to improve the Bluetooth connectivity.


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