Broken power port

I have Navio2 which has power port broken off along with it’s solder pads.
I can still power it from the servo rail, so that’s ok, but now I want to use those two ADC inputs for battery metrics. I use the intact ADC port for pitot tube, so can’t use those.
Can anyone suggest, where are the adc input traces connected next? I can solder thin wires and cover them with epoxy…

Another question - on UART port there’s two additional GPIO-s exposed, can those used as second uart?

Hi Vootele,

I can hardly recommend the correct soldering in such case. But I can share the pinout scheme, where you can check the circuit traces on the back of the board.

Maybe it’s possible, but it’s better to check the documentation for RPi since IO17 and IO18 pins are the RPi GPIO pins available through the UART connector.

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