Bluetooth won't connect

What kind of temperature do you have?

Hope this isn’t a common problem with the NEW “Plus” versions? I think they changed the CPU from Edison to something else which may be a problem? I sure hope not.

I can confirm that indeed for PC Bluetooth to work you need to be running Windows 10. I unfortunately cannot specify if Windows 8 works (no one uses that anyways :wink: ) but Windows 7 causes BT not to connect. I appreciate ALL the feedback in getting this resolved and hope it helps others down the road as well.

Should work on Windows 7. Either way at least you moved on up and working. Windows 10 is great.

It could be the BT interface on these toughbooks running Windows 7, maybe that should be clarified. Thank you Tim.

Hi @zach,

Let me know if you still have the problem with BT connection on Windows7?

I have updated all our OS to Windows10 so I can’t speak to any continuing issues with Windows7 BT connectivity

Alright, we’ll do further tests with Win7 to see if we could reproduce this problem.


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