Bluetooth connectivity problem with Reach

I’ve just received my new Reach kit and followed the instruction in the Docs section to set the units up.

I am having trouble connecting to the Reach with Bluetooth.

The process I followed is to use the web interface to send a Pair request to the android device. The Reach indicates that it is paired but the Android device says there was a problem connecting. That is, it appears to pair but immediately complains about a connection problem.

Then using the Bluetooth GPS App to connect via BT as advised in the Docs section results in an error when trying to connect to the Reach as follows: “Connection Failed - read failed, socket might be closed or timeout, read ret: -1” .

The Reach and Android device are within a meter of each other.
This problem occurs on all of my Android devices.

The Reachview version: v0.4.0-16-g5e621f4
The Reach image version: 1.2

I don’t believe that I am doing anything incorrectly … Any help appreciated.

Did you set the “enable connection workaround”?


No … I had read this in one of your postings but I had assumed that this was a Reachview setting which had been deprecated with a subsequent Reachview release.

Now the Bluetooth App connects but I don’t get any data even though in Reachview I can see a position and satellite quality/signal strength values.

I have enabled Bluetooth and NMEA for solution 1 output and the Rover is started.

Ok, after some fiddling it is working.

Although the Reachview page showed Solution 1 output = Bluetooth and NMEA when I refreshed the screen it reverted to none and none.

I’ll get used to it in time no doubt.

Is there a way to get it working with other Bluetooth GPS & mapping/survey apps - i.e. avoid the workaround?