Blinking orange again

I don’t understand, why it happen again. I turn on reach, waiting for a few second, the led is blinking orange, i waited until long long time, still same. In the last discussion, it solved, the problem is time syncing. But what about now? What should I do?
@bide @TB_RTK @emlid @egor.fedorov
Thank you

Are you referring to this thread?

And you have enough skyview?
Are you able to log on to reach Hotspot?

Hi @TB_RTK, thank you for your response. That post is different problem, that is my new reach, can’t connect to smartphone wifi. But still have no solution for me, no response.
But this post is my old reach can’t get solid green, just blinking orange. No problem with Skyview, and I can’t connect to reach Hotspot.
Have you ever get this issue?

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