Better GPS location for Inspection (not survey)

I’m wanting to improve my EXIF data for asset/infrastructure inspection and have rigged up my M+.
Do I have to use a CORS or Base to extract the data from trigger?

Hi @mydrones,

Can I ask you to clarify, what do you want to improve in EXIF data?
What do you mean by “extract the data from trigger”?

@andrew, doing a roof inspection a 5m difference in EXIF location puts the image a very different space. When doing large commercial factory/shopping centres this is really frustrating.

Using EMLID I can get closer to the right position.

Yes, you can much better accuracy with the Reach M+, however, you will have to postprocess the data from the M+ to get this accuracy.
Best thing will be to have a local base unit (like Reach RS+), and then log raw-data on both unit.
When you then come home, you can postprocess using these to raw-files.

Your relative position will accurate to within a few milimeters. You can also use CORS data to calculate the absolute position of your base, if that is needed.

Thanks @wizprod.
Do I have to use a base?
I’m happy to post-process but was hoping I don’t need a second device.
I’m sure the M+ by itself would be suitable for my accuracy.

Without a base of some sort your precision will be within 10 meters. With a base, it will be down to 1 digit centimeters.
You will need need to post process as the trigger events from the camera can’t be processed and transferred on the M+ itself. Without the very precise trigger events location accuracy is compromised.

But it is what it is.
Looks like I’ll be buying a 2nd kit now.
Thanks @wizprod!

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