Best chance for fix i really need

we have used Topcon hyper, and sp80’s for some time. Now we have rs2’s. now, i have to do a 3000’ walk in to a site that isnt good but ok. what settings in the software can i manipulate to have the best chance to get a fix and repeat it for confidence. i know these with the other receivers but i trying to shorten the learning curve with the new hardware.

Have the base running all constellations that apply to your areas with logging on both it and the rover just in case. Be prepared to break the rover all the way back down to GPS-only and build it back up one by one if you do lose and are trying to regain Fix. Changing LoRa frequencies can sometimes help as well. We always run the lowest end of the spectrum, but going for long baselines going towards the higher end helps with range. Downside is that if there is vegetation or other obstacles in between then it might not penetrate as well. What does the elevation change look like across the traverse? Our biggest problems have come with rolling hills terrain and poor constellation visibility, usually one in particular.


Is your problem with range of Lora (receiving corrections), or with the environmental conditions on site causing sub-optimal SNR?


Seems to be a big challenge working in areas with vegetation…spoken to a few land surveyors who have had issues with RTK over LORA. Wish Emlid would make available a 400-500MHz frequency Radio link.

Maybe in a future Model like RS3 :wink:.

If it’s a point like a property corner, why not perform a static position ? Short baselines are your friend. If you have a base onsite, you can later PP if not too many points to locate.

yesterday i experienced my first lora limit with both topographic and heavy vegetation problems.
However, i just moved the base closer to the shots i needed fixed that problem. but, that isn’t the real problem. sometimes you cant move the base closer. what variables can i work with to maximize my chance to get a fix and repeat it for confidence.

thanks much for your input, do you think lowering the snr for a hard shot would help or switching from fix and hold to continuous in the rtk settings on just the rover ?

thank you

thank you

with other receivers settings would include

  1. horizon clip
  2. constellations
  3. snr
  4. continuous vs fix and hold setting
  5. elevation of receiver

I wouldn’t change the SnR except in instances where I am very confident in the solution and feel that I can lower it in order to get even better readings, but I normally leave it alone. Continuous will be more likely to drop than fix-and-hold. The elevation mask is the one I would try. It goes both ways so if your sky view is getting limited by buildings or trees then sometimes increasing the angle will reduce bad satellites near the horizon.


thank you

Not sure how well they would work but there are 450 MHz 3DR SiK radios available. The highest output I have seen is .5W

I Started my M2 project with two 900 MHz 3DR radios. As a just in case, I found that the RFD900’s are a 1W radio. I use one of them on my base and a 3DR on my rover (they are both built on SiK technology and can communicate with one another). Since my rover isn’t sending anything back to the base, it makes a good combination for range/distance.

To my knowledge, RFD only makes 900 MHz. You might try two of the 450 MHz 3DR radios, a pair can be found for less than $50

Increasing the elevation mask too high will also raise the pdop depending on sat geometry. Some field softwares will warn you of this. I’m not sure Reach3 does this though.

When PP a high multi path point, sometimes increasing the elevation mask will help. However, from my experience, the pdop increases in value and the overall position actually degrades.

Time on station, receiver quality and pre-planned observation times will help in multi path areas. But don’t depend on a single baseline solution. Try and have another receiver onsite for checking loop closure. This is the only way to verify a point in this environment.


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