Basic Settings for Reach RS+ - stand alone unit for GCP work

Can I get a little help for the Basic Settings to use in starting for the Reach RS+ - the stand alone unit

Using this to get basic GCP locations for drone mapping (or at least I hope to)

Most of the videos I have found are either for updating firmware - or for the survery kit

Right now I get variances of over 1 meter in elevation (in the same spot) - so I am missing something basic in getting started.

Looking over the documentation and videos, they go right into data processing and skip the steps.

If that exists already can someone post the link for me?

Thanks in advance

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A few questions:

  • What are you using for a base (NTRIP?)?
  • Do you process or just use the Survey tab to run run and gun?
  • any obstructions to the skyview?

Thank you for connecting;

I have attached these screenshots of my current settings - see if you can view them. My main concern are these the correct settings to use for Reach Rs+ as a stand alone unit.

I am using the survey tab, but my first test is to leave the unit in the same spot and so far, I am getting a very large variation in elevation.

No obstructions.

I am going to try this once more with these RTK settings and see if I get more stable results

I don’t think you will get much better results unless you use a base station of some sort. Then you either post process ( with data from your reach unit against a base’s data) A single reach does not give you cm accuracy

As @jmcarthur points out, you will either need an Emlid RS+ unit more for use as base (the preferred solution), or connect to a nearby (less than 10 km away) NTRIP provider, or post process using a nearby CORS station (preferably under 10 km as well, but further can work ok, depending on your rover-environment) .

Just using the unit stand-alone will get you an RMS of 2.5 meters or more.

I suggest you read this chapter of the Emlid documentation:

This is intended for the base, but it translates directly to a Single unit setup as well.

Hi Dean,

As it was mentioned above, there is no way to get a centimeter accuracy with Reach in Single mode. Single Reach allows to get the precision in few meters only.

You can gain a centimeter accuracy with RTK. You can read more about RTK in our docs.

So I’d also recommend you to use another unit as a base or to get corrections from NTRIP server.

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