Base RTK easy solution no wifi

I try to configure an RTK base with a Raspberry pi 3 and a Reach module. I have an OpenVPN server in the office ( The Raspberry (tun0 is configured to access the Caster NTRIP ( via the VPN tunnel. So on the raspberry I have 3 interface; eth0, tun0, wlan0. When I connect the Reach module via the usb port, another interface appears (usb0) with a strange IP address. I would like to establish a communication link between these two interfaces so that the Reach module can communicate with the Caster NTRIP via the tun tunnel. After several unsuccessful attempts, I still can not create this communication link.
From the Raspberry, when I “Ping” the Caster, the usb0 interface, or any other member of this VPN, everything works.
The advantage is to reduce the electric consumption of the Reach module by eliminating Wifi. Also, the reliability of communication is better with a wired network.

Questions :
Is it possible to use this interface (usb0) so that the Reach module communicates to the Caster (Net) its corrections?
Can someone give me the lines of code (iptable or route) to achieve this link?

Best regard

3 day still no answer…

Hi Vincent,

The setup that you are implementing has not been tested, so unfortunately we do not know how to configure it.

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