Averaging fix in Rtk

Good day,
I’m doing some Rtk work far from my local service provider, and i want ti average fix but it just buffers and says accumulating data. How can i average fix solution whilst doing Rtk?

Your rover has to have a fixed position to start accumulating an average

Hi @tinglingst,

To do an average fix positioning, your base should receive correction messages from the other base or CORS and have a fixed solution.

If you have a baseline longer than 10 km, I suggest you do PPK instead of RTK. You can try our new software for PPK - Emlid Studio. Please note that it is in the beta testing stage now.

You should do Static post-processing using your CORS obs data and your Base obs and nav data. You will receive base LLH coordinates with a fixed solution. The Solution for static mode in processing settings should be set to Single.

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