Are there U.S.-based purchase options for Reach RS+ DB9 cable?

Personally instead of getting bare wire, might as well get one with the connector, as if need be you can cut that off (leave extra as in case u need to rewire back).

I paid the extra for expedited shipping and got like a couple of days from china… yeah. Huge waste of shipping money, but if u need it, u need it!

Just make sure get the correct male or female…look at your end you have now so you dont mix them up.

You may find these cables somehow elsewhere with correct wiring pinouts that match. But doesnt sound like u have the time? Then say it was incorrect, you wasted even more time and the possibility of burning your Emlid product up?

Prob best to order as much as u need at once since the shipping cost well exceeds the product cost.

“O” Canada