APM now includes NAVIO daily build

Good news is the APM team have added NAVIO to their daily builds. So we have “first class citizen” devices now and proves their commitment to (enbedded) PC (like) autopilots as the way forwards.



"we discussed the state of the Linux ports, and
decided to add the NavIO and PXF builds to the standard autobuild which creates binaries on firmware.diydrones.com.

So you should be able to point your users there for the latest builds, and new stable releases as they come out.

The build just kicked off, so the first builds should be available in an hour or so.

We’re hoping this will encourage more users to try the Linux ports. "

It should be posdible to test now then :slight_smile:


Yes, that is another step forward, towards wider adoption of Linux flight control.

I would like to remind everyone that daily builds are not supposed to be stable in any way, so please use with caution. I know that a couple things are broken in master for Navio+ at the moment, working to resolve them.

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Actually, I am try to install.
I could not figure out to install newer binary.
Could you provide method to use ELF file that is prepared on the site ?

It is fairly simple:

Download the binary to your Pi, for example for latest it is like this:

wget http://firmware.diydrones.com/Copter/latest/navio-quad/ArduCopter.elf

Execute it with required arguments:

sudo ./ArduCopter.elf -A udp:

Flying latest is always risky, please test appropriately.