Anyone using Ublox CO-99 FP9 as base for RS2?

I am trying to get Ublox CO-99 FP9 Odin W260 WIFI running, but so far not been lucky.

With Ublox S-center it shall go, but not so far!

Any with experience?

What are you outputting?

Shall be RTK for NTRIP, via wifi to my laptop in the floor below!

Hi @jonewborg,

Could you please provide me with the Simple system report from Reach RS2? I’d like to check the settings.

Hi @jonewborg,

I’ve received the report, thank you! Reach’s settings look right. However, I have never had to configure the u-blox CO99 F9P.

May I ask you to provide me with the Correction input tab screenshot?

Which NTRIP caster do you use to send the corrections? Also, any chance you can try RTK via TCP or Bluetooth?

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