Antenna for Reach for vehicle applications

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I recently bought Reach RTK kit. I want to use it in my vehicle for academic research. Due to budget limitation I bought Reach Not Reach RS. The problem is that i’m planning to use it in urban area where sky view is limited. Does anyone recommend a good antenna for Reach. I can afford around $200 for each antenna

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I have not done much with vehicle applications, but I did post some results of a much earlier version of Reach in this forum. I used the stock Emlid antenna on a ground plate sticking out up above my passenger window. You can see Google Earth plot in “Reach in Urban Environment”.

Tall buildings & High Rises: Good luck. Right now emphasis is on many good applications that give great L1 relative accuracy.

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Hi Rick,

Do you have some statistics about the accuracy and the reliability of the Reach positioning. I’m planning to test it on college campus. the problem is with the trees covering the streets. building are only 4 floors tall at most.

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No, I did not take many statistics, but most of the solutions with local cors or PPK solutions looked to be in the cm to decimeter range. Most buildings were 2-3 stories with trees including tall pine trees.

Note that the traces were either GPS only or GPS+GLO. If you use your own Emlid base station, you can get faster fixes by adding GAL sats & SBAS.

If you want to get into some of the deep details look at blog as it has much theory and practical experiments relating to Reach.

Good luck on your studies. Have you looked Emlid’s Educational page? To take advantage of the new sats, I would recommend the
Tallysman multi-GNSS antenna in Emlid’s SHOP page.

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Thanks Rick, that is a very useful website. I enjoyed reading the author compression of M8T with Swift and Tersus RTK GNSSs. I already have the Tallysman TW-4721. It has 26 db LNA gain. I was thinking that If i upgrade the antenna to TW2920 (35dB) or maybe TW3740 (40 dB) if there is a way to mount it on the car roof top, I can improve the precision accuracy and reliability.Do you think it worth it ?. sorry what Emlid Educational page , do you mean Emlid DOC ?

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Just use the antenna that comes with REACH, place it on top of your car, you don’t even need a ground plane (your car’s roof acts as one), I was getting float/fix with antenna inside my house. you never know, until you try it. just make sure your Rover is getting the corrections…


The extra gain does you no good unless you have a long high loss cable. This is not your case. The Reach has built in LNA. If you get too much gain, you can possibly introduce input amplifier saturation from out of band signals.

Agree with James. Your TW-4721 should be fine and ready to use GAL sats which are purported to be helpful with partial sky views.

Look at top of this under where it says “Welcome to Community Forum” where it says “Educational Program”…

i am using tw3710

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