Antena emlid reach rs2 file

Hi friends. I have a pair of Emlid Reach RS2. When I go to post process with rtklib, I would like to upload the antenna file. I have search it in the web page however I can see the file, but I can’t download it and I can’t upload to rtklib.

I will be gratefull whith someone can help me with it.


Jaime Lopez


You should search the original file in the IGS whit the Antex format, RTKLIB read only this format

find in:
Data Format>Data and product>File access

igs14_2194.atx, it’s the last version

Best regards from Chile

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Hi Jaime,

You can follow Bernardo’s suggestion or, alternatively, try our Emlid Studio post-processing software that delivers not only the same functions as RTKLIB but a few more useful things.

We made Emlid Studio easy and straightforward, so you don’t need to upload the atx file at all. Emlid Studio will apply calibrations automatically if the antenna name is specified in the RINEX header. If it is not, you just need to specify that the raw data log was recorded on the Reach RS2 receiver before you start processing.

You can download Emlid Studio and learn more about it in our docs:

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Thank you for your response. I have Emlid Studio, but I can´t upload .obs files from cors . In rtklib, it allow you upload the .obs or .nav files from a cors.

Emlid Estudio has the Antex catalog internally.

Regarding the *.Obs, you must convert it to RINEX so you can use it in Studio, the same RTKLIB will serve you for the conversion.


This is odd, Emlid Studio should work with all the standard obs and nav files. You can share the RINEX file from CORS with us so that we can check why you can’t upload it to Emlid Studio.

Hi, is rigth, Estudio works good with .obs files. I am trying to say that in a same process, I can only upload the base .obs and the rover .obs, but any more .obs. I understand, that it is so important to have 3 .obs to create a triangle, and normally ther third .obs is a cors. It is a control point to adjust the other two points.

Thanks Bernardo, it is rigth.

Hi Bernardo, excellent, I have download this file and upload in the rtklib.


Hi Tatiana. I am so gratefull with you. I have understand the Emlid Studio, and let me say you that is a very power tool to ppk. Thank you.

Hi Jaime,

Thank you, I love getting positive feedback on our products :smile:

Have you managed to do what you mentioned here? My first thought was that you meant network adjustment, which is supported neither by RTKLIB nor by Emlid Studio.

Hi Tatiana. I have put 3 points or BM in the field. The 3 points make a triangle. In the first time, I have placed the base in BM1 and the rover configured as a base in the BM2. This first sesion during 1 hour.
In the second hour, I have leave the base in BM1, but I moved the rover configured as a base to the BM3, during 1 hour.
In the third hour, I moved the base to BM2 and leave the rover in BM3.

Always, before move the rs2, I stop logging.

Whit this, I have download the files UBX, and procesed it.

I have procesed each file in emlid studio, placing the OBS FILE to correct or adjust in the rover file space, and as base file I have placed the CORS OBS FILE.

In other process, I have placed in the base file space, the BASE OBS and put the corrected coordintates, and procesed the others BM.

The differences between first and second proces, is milimeters. I think I have make a good process. I think it is possible adjust manually the triangle, but it would be good in the future, Emlid Studio support vectors or triangle adjust.


Hi Jaime,

Oh, I see, thanks for sharing your findings!

We do not have that in our nearest plans, but your request is noted.

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