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Well this escalated quickly… :wink:


Well, I think the surplus money argument was addressed well. The nets I was looking at were supposedly insecticide-treated and had health organization approval and the price ranged from $1 and up. I didn’t try to actually buy any for $1 or investigate quality or dig in any further than an Internet search. In my mind the jury is still out on the price gap between $1 and $1.60+, but I’m not looking to stir this pot any more. It has already been thoroughly stirred. :honey_pot: :spoon:

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:grimacing: And now back to our scheduled program folks: Tobias’ PPK point extractor program

I think you might care more about having the last word than about the effects of your writing.

I hope that the readers understand that in anycase this cannot be an argument for not donating, that the AMF is accessed regularly with more effort than what has been done here, that this assessment is part of the main principles of effective altruism and that I’m open to other charities which perform similar efficiently.

I still think that this is about a conflict between us both. Lets keep it between us and lets not drag uninvolved people into it.

Further hijacking the thread by linking @jurijs.jeshkins PPK program is a good start in the right direction :+1: :smiley: I guess that was a Freudian slip.

Juris has written a nice program with another approach. Maybe someone could make a comparison of the results. I think it would be interesting what is the difference between the kinematic and the static solution.

I do want to let go of the topic. It was just hard for me to swllow the washed-over answer without saying something. In hindsight, I really didn’t expect anything more. Let us continue on with our lives …

Yes, I believe i’ve confirmed that.


Definitely a slip of some kind :wink: . Initally I had it linked to your top post here. Then I noticed the embedded hyperlink and changed it (to Jurijs’ topic I guess). Anyway it is changed back now :slight_smile:


The RTKlib config file of the current demo needs some adaption to use it with RS2. If you already downloaded please do that on your own or wait until I update the file (I have to get some sample data first).

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If someone can provide test data for known points (measured with another RTK receiver) it would be very great. Than I could really assess the difference of the approaches.

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does not seem to run on my windows 10 32bit, did you compile this in 64bit perhaps?

Yes it is compiled on a 64 bit machine. Did you check the virus scanner? I think there might be another source of errors.

Just a little poll, who is still using Windows 32 bit?

  • Windows 32 bit
  • Windows 64 bit

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Are there any versions of RTKLib that could process several rovers at the same time instead of loading it one at a time? why do you use the 32 bit version? Did you write your own program now?

You could use a script to run several versions of RTKlib with the same settings at the same time.

I had some older software at one point which would not run on windows 64bit so i kept my home computer as 32bit. not really a problem anymore so yeah i should probably upgrade the home computer.

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