Android App for Extremely Simple Field Calcs


I am a novice user. It seems like that should be fine given what I’m seeking to do with my RS2 ought to be extremely simple.

I am a dumb farmer that mainly will use my RS2 to “fix” or better understand field property lines. Over many years of age the fence posts go missing or rot away and must be fixed.

The other use case for my RS2 is creating stake points for solar installations. It is very important that the solar linear array is oriented E-W (panels facing directly South).

These two use cases seem extremely simple yet I am struggling to find an Android program that can do this for me with minimal headaches. I know many of you are using FieldGenius and now that they give it out free up to 30 points that is probably sufficient however I can’t seem to get it to do any of this.

Because this is borderline hobby I’m looking for a free solution. I’ve been using QGIS desktop with line snaps but it’s pretty clumsy. I’m not particularly interested in writing python scripts to make QGIS do very simple things like make a straight E-W line from a point.

Is there a program that makes these simple calculations simple? Below are examples of what I’m seeking to do.

Extrapolating Fence Line

Spec Distance and Direction Point to Point Reference

Distances Between Points and Locking E-W

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Hi, You might be able to do this with Mobile Topographer

Hi Scott,

I’d add to @TB_RTK’s suggestion that this guide may help you configure Reach RS2 for working with third-party apps. It explains how to get Reach coordinates on Android via Bluetooth.

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