After flashing "Reach is connecting to another network, switch to ..."

Hello (sorry for the mistakes, I use google translation).

A week ago, I updated my Reach_base with no problem at Reachview 2.16. However, I can not update my Reach_Rover in the same way, so Reachview tells me the following error: “Reach is connecting to another network, switch to …”.

I realized by reading various discussions of the forum that it was a recurring problem of the users, there still I did not find any solution so … So I decided to flash my Reach_rover to return to the settings original.
The problem is that by redrawing my Reach_Rover after flashing it, when looking for wifi, Reachview keeps giving me the same error “Reach is connecting to another network, switch to …”.

Now, I do not know what to do, thank you for helping me !!

Best regards

I am stuck at this stage, impossible to continue the configuration of the Rover.

Have a idea ? Thx

Hi Barth,

I’d recommend checking this video first

It seems that Reach RS doesn’t connect to the hotspot of your iPhone. Please double check the password.

Hi @barthelemy.charre,

Was this video tutorial from @dmitriy.ershov message helpful?

Hi Dmitry
i have a ReachM+. I followed your video and quickstart Emlid but when i’m connecting to my network on my screen compare a message: “REach is connecting to another network. Switch to Home to continue”. I switch connection but compare another message: “we can’t seem to find any Reach reciver in you local network”.
Have you some ideas to continue?
Thanks a lot


Could you check the status of blue LED when you are connecting Reach to Wi-Fi?

Hi Dmitriy
light blu is continue

What mobile device do you use?

Smartphone ASUS Z01BS
Android v 7.1.1

Michele, could please try another mobile device so we can make sure this issue is not related to this particular smartphone?

with a Tablet Lenovo TAB 2 A10
Android v 6
i have the same problem…

It’s interesting.

First of all, could you confirm you see the following LED behavior:

Then, could you try [one of the network scanning programs]( and check if you see Reach in your Wi-Fi network?

the light is continuos, not intermittent
i see rech correctly
maybe i with verify con another wifi…bun not this evening

thanks your availability


This means your Reach is not connected to a Wi-Fi network. Please double check SSID and password you are entering. What is the name of your network?

Hi Dmitriy,
yes, i can’t switch on my wifi. I verify…
I attach screenshots of the sequence (in numeric order)



Please try to set a simpler name for your network, for instance “lenovo” or “A10”

I uninstall and installato reach view and than i connettere with my homewifi…than upgrade