[AdruRover boat] Hello, A really newb question about Navio2 AdruRover boat

Hello! I’m really new in this community and really have 0 Knowledge or Experience.
I’ve not seen any good boat documentation / forum anywhere. I hope this topic will make it more easy to others in near future.

I’ve question about on how do I start to learn to create a autonomous boat?
I’ve read that I need to use AdruRover for this mission.

I’m targeting to create autonomous boat using 4G connection and live camera.
My boat also will consist two propeller and two rudder.

My first question is hardware.
What hardware should I use?

For now I just know that I need:
Navio2 kit x1
Pi2/3/4 x1
Pi Camera x1
Servo x2
Motor x2
Battery x1
ESC x2

receiver x1
transmitter x1 (6 channel)

Currently I’ve a spare of Pi4.
I’m planning on using Navio2 Kit for this mission.
I also read about Telemetry Radio, and doesn’t know what’s it.

My second question is how I operate it?
If I’ve all the hardware, where is the really good source to guide me to make this project possible.


Hi EnKacang,

Welcome to our forum!

ArduRover is used for controlling the boats, and I think that too.

Your list seems okay. But you need to use some wires and cable to connect those, but I believe you meant it by default :sweat_smile:.

There may be some other hardware components needed for this setup that I don’t know since I’ve not assembled the boat myself. So, I suggest checking the ArduPilot forum as there are tons of topics on autonomous boats. Maybe you will find something interesting for your project there as well.

You need telemetry radios to communicate with the Ground Control Station (GCS) application. It can be either UART or USB radio. Please check this part of the guide for more detail.

You’re going to use ArduRover firmware to control the boat. You can set up your boat to work in Auto Mode to make it autonomous, for example. In this case, the boat will follow a pre-programmed mission that contains navigation commands. You can take a look at this guide in ArduPilot’s documentation for more info.

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