Adjust Base Position (datum) coming from NTRIP Source

Bear with me, as this is an odd request/enhancement. Is there a way to put in a manual base coordinates for a single base ntrip connection? Here’s the situation: I am connecting to a Ntrip service and choosing a single rtcm 3.1 base. That base position is reported in ITRF 2014 epoch 2010. It would be nice if I could key in the NAD83 2011 position so that I’m not getting a shift live in the field. I know that I can account for it after the fact in post but it would be nice to do this live in NTRIP RTK. The base shift feature would seem to be only for using my mobile base over radio/caster. I am trying to see if this particular NTRIP source can replace the need for me setting up my base in some situations (when the baselines are close enough). Again, this is a single base NTRIP connection versus VRS NTRIP. Lastly, i am using iOS, the latest RV3, and the RS2 with the latest beta FW. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or clarity here.

Hi Zach,

In theory, the base shift should work for your case. But I’d test it first.

You need a point on a site with known coordinates in both ITRF2014 and NAD83(2011) to calculate the shift. Transformation between ITRF2014 and NAD83 isn’t linear, but within 1-2 km radius it should work fine. The radius is measured from the calibration point.

If you test it, please share your results with us!


In reviewing another forum topic here, I determined that the HTDP utility by NOAA NGS turned out to be the best route. I can input a single coordinate or multiple coordinates (and their respective epochs) and convert from iGS08 or ITRF 2014 to Nad 1983 2011.

You decided to survey in ITRF2014 and convert everything afterward, right?

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