Additional correction - How to use?

in RV2.2.1 there is the option to add an ‘additional correction’. What is the purpose of this?

I have set my reach up to use local corrections as base correction and a local ntrip server in the additional slot, but the additional corrections do not appear to be being used in the solution if I turn off the local base corrections.


What is the use of :

Additional correction

in reach?

Can i use my own base and a ntrip as additional correction?

What is the avantage …


Additional correction will be used to receive precise ephemeris and clock correction from IGS. It is not yet working, we will update once ready.

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I use it manually, so it should be automatic ?

What do you mean?

When you want additionnal correction from IGS, it’s a little bit boring to download the good data. I mean or I ask if it will be automatic to download clock and ephemeris ?

We have plans to make it automatic.

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