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Adding PPK georeferance to image exif info in a batch situation

(Hairyape1) #1

I have a project with 7,000 images +. The image locations are being captured with an m+ and then PPK processed for precise location…

Usually I import all geo information as a separate xyz file when importing the images. But I have a project where the georeferances need to be added to the image exif so it is combined…

Is there a way to achieve this with a batch process?


Phantom 4 Pro RTK/PPK
(Yasser Arafat Tuanadatu) #2

Yes, there is… You can do that in a software called Geosetter. It will expedite writing an exif directly to the batch images.

(Andrew Yushkevich) #4

Hi @hairyape1,

Was the advice helpful?

(Hairyape1) #6

Hi, yes it was useful, works in some situations and not in others… not sure why yet

(Michael Lambert) #9

I’m struggling with Geosetter as well. The GPX file that RTKLIB is exporting does not have time or elevation information?


Did you check this ?

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(Michael Lambert) #11

Bingo. Thanks @TB_RTK. :star_struck:

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