Activate Navio2 Antenna Tracker

Good day.

I followed your build guide and made an antenna tracker build


So my question is how do I now enter GCS UDP IP adress and how do i activate it via Emlidtool?

Hi @Barry_Bolton,

I suppose it should be possible to run it with a command in the following format:
sudo antennatracker -A udp:192.168.1.x:14550

OK let me try that and get back to you.

No that does not work. “command not found”


Where is the build located on RPi?



Please navigate to /ardupilot/build/navio2 directory and try to run it again with
sudo ./AntennaTracker -A udp:192.168.1.x:14550

command not found


Did you chmod +x (made executable) the AntennaTracker file?


No i did not. it is not in the Emlid tutorial. What would the chmod command look like in this instance

Tatiana why don’t you just add Antenna Tracker to your build?


You may be right. Chmod +x name_off_file is used when downloading file. I use it when importing latest arducopter binaries.

When I use waf compilation (Ubuntu on windows) , resulting file is an executable.


Hi @Barry_Bolton,

Thanks for the request!
Antenna Tracker is not commonly used firmware, that’s why it isn’t included in our image.

Have you managed to run it?

Hello Tatiana. Yes I have manage to install the software as per Marc. I do not think many people would mind if it is there as other pixhawk distros have them.

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