Hi there.
I have just unboxed my Emlid reach, i had no trouble setting it up but the altitude is 45 m too high.
im in the uk
what are the best settings for me please?

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You`r seeing ellipsoid height. Not real orthometric height above sea level.
You need to apply local refrence height or general geoid model for it to show right. This cant be done on Reach at the moment, but adjusted for later in post process or similar.


Hi there.
Thank you for your reply.
could you suggest a method that i must do in post processing please?
and i am using the emlid rs on a survey pole and have my smart phone on the pole too, i have measured the height from bottom of device to the ground.
i am in the UK and are there any settings that i should apply for the region?
many thanks!

Hi Jason,

As @TB_RTK said earlier, in the meantime you can see only the ellipsoid height in ReachView. You can get orthometric height after post-processing, using RTKLIB. GPS post-processing tutorial can be found here.

Also, if you need to see the height above sea level in real time, you can connect Reach to your Android device over BT and use GIS apps allowing to choose coordinate systems.

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If I understand correctly from the instructions for height, it’s not only to bottom of unit device, but you have to add 65mm also. Same the Base after finding location and copying location “manual” and setting the base height also.

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