Accuracy questions

I just received my RS2 this afternoon and had some questions regarding the reported accuracy.

With a single solution:
In status mode I could see the lat and long and the expected error in m.
Is this generally a valid value?
When I went into the survey mode to create a point, the accuracy was a few mm and then blew out the longer I waited to eg. 0.3, 0.3, 0.9.

With the single solution is there a standard time interval to wait when you would not expect the precision to vary? Or do you just have to watch the values and make a judgment call?

With a fixed solution:
I had values of ~ 0.003, 0.003, 0.005.
I was 6km from a CORS and had great satellite geometry at the rover.
However, doesn’t the precision achieved exceed what the hardware is capable of ie. 7mm+ 6mm (due to the distance from the base)?

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These numbers you mention are 2 different things essentially:
1: the position Standard Deviation you see under the coordinates are relative to all the Other . It tells you something about how spread your averaged position has.
2: the “hardware” standard deviation tells you something about the area of which the derived absolute position can be within.

They need to summed together to give the total (not as individual numbers, but the usual way to add stdev’s)


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