Accuracy of a rtklib-post correction

We need vertical and horizontal coordinates for our ground control points for the correction of aerial imagery. For studies on surface hydrology we often need good absolute vertical coordinates. We have taken a series of measurements with the EMLID Reach RS to check the accuracy and reproducibility. We corrected the raw data taken from EMLID Reach RS with RTKLIB-POST together with the precise GPS orbit information of the external base station (IGS Ephemeris sp3). As base station we took the data of the CORS station OAX2. The absolute accuracy was checked by a known horizontal and vertical geodesic point of INEGI. At the same time we did a simple statistical point distribution analysis of the raw data with LibreOffice-Calc or Excel and compared it with the absolute coordinates. In parallel, a Precise Point Positioning (PPP) correction was made with the online service of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) after 2 hours and after 1 week.
Here is the summary of the resultsEMLID REACH RS - RTKLIB POST-DRONES DE OAXACA.pdf (1.7 MB)


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