About Reach RS fix mode

Hello folks, since from three days am trying to get Fix mode but its still in single so how to resolve it? can anybody help out. i kept my REACH-RS on top of the building .

You need to provide corrections from another Reach RS or from NTRIP service to achieve RTK Fix. By itself the receiver can only function in single mode.

I configured REACH-RS in Base mode, and trying survey, it says “waiting for status FLOAT” in RED color for more than 8 hours. This REACH-RS is not receiving any corrections from others.

Auto save rules are as follows:
Solution status FIX: 0.005m precission, DOP 2, Observation time 0:20 seconds.
Solution status FLOAT: 0.5m precission, DOP 2, Observation time 2:20 seconds.

Am I doing anything wrong ?


Do you have two Reach RS units?

One Reach RS and One Reach I have.

If you intend to get high accuracy you need to send corrections from base to the rover. Please read our docs:


Here in this screenshot, REACH RS shows ROV:26 BASE:0 over SNR graph. What is the meaning of these ?

But I want to configure Reach RS as Base first and survey, when the base gets its position to my desired accuracy, then we can use the corrections from it.

Isn’t it ?

Hi, please take a closer look at this docs entry:

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