About LLH Stream

How to plot LLH Data? and which tool i should use to plot ?

You can open your LLH file with RTKPLOT.exe and it give you a graphical representation of your solution data:

what about XYZ Data stream sir?

Honestly, I haven’t worked with XYZ, but RTKPLOT should be able to open all of the ReachView output formats, including XYZ.

Have you tried it?

Not yet sir.now am trying to analyze the XYZ data format.
LLH data should i save in .exe file ?

.exe files are executable programs

.llh files contain LLH data

What you want to do is run RTKPLOT.exe and then use that window to open your solution data file (.pos / .llh / .xyz)

See the documentation:

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thank you so much. i have another question . what about ENU and ERB? can you explain about these?

Here are the explanations for ENU and ERB:


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