A new RS2 worked fine but now wont turn on

I just bought a RS2 and have been configuring it. I owned for a week or so. Today I updated the firmware and the next time I turned RS2 on the lights went once or twice from left to right and then it turned off and I can’t turn it back on.
I plugged it in to charge it but there is no light whatsoever. I plugged in to my PC and while the PC does find the RS2 the Reach firmware flash tool does not, and it of course does not turn on when I try to.
The bottom metal piece is warm.
Maybe I am being paranoid. Can it be the device is completely and absolutely out of power?
What do I do?

I seem too be having a similar problem. I update the firmware today. I turned RS2 on and the led lights went from left to right once and then everything turned off. There should have been plenty of power. When I try to turn it on nothing happens.

As an update for everyone, we’re also in contact with Adam regarding this issue via email. For now, we decided to reflash the unit. I will keep you updated.

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We confirmed that this device has hardware malfunctions.

If you see similar symptoms with your Reach, please contact us at support@emlid.com. We’ll investigate the issue you’re facing.

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