4 rovers 1 base river survey

Hi all,

We are about to collect an overwater geophysics survey on the Columbia river and need highly resolved positioning on our boat towed sensor string. We’re using 4 RS2s as rovers to accurately position our sensor streamer as it’s pulled behind a boat and 1 base station located nearby pushing RTK corrections over the LoRa.

I’ve collected a test data set and only had the rovers logging raw (ubx), position as LLH, and base corrections RTCM3 ( I didn’t setup a “project”). Is there any reason to create a “project” in the survey tab? Can I export the data any differently there?

I worked through the post processing routine on the tuturial with the raw ubx data and that seemed to work well enough, but would like to import data into QGIS or export shapefiles etc rather than work with the rtklib package.

As far as the position output tab goes for the rovers. Can I just leave those options switched off since I’m internally logging the rover positions on each unit and they are communicating with the base over radio? Am I understanding that the position output options are only if the rovers are sending their positions to an external device via serial, TCP or Bluetooth?

Any other tips or tricks for data collection and processing that will make my life easier?



Hi @dpsprink,

The logging feature is primarily used in PPK mode when you need raw data for post-processing. If I get you correctly, you work in RTK technique, so you don’t need to process your data additionally. However, you still can read the rover position from LLH position logs. Please note that only positions with solution status Fix have a centimeter accuracy.
With creating a project, you can save the coordinates of specific points manually or configure auto-save rules. The project can be exported in CSV, DXF, GeoJSON, DroneDeploy CSV, or ESRI Shapefiles format.

You can convert your data to KML format using RTKPOST utility. There should be no issue with reading this format in QGIS.

Yes, you can skip this step if sending coordinates to another device isn’t required.

Could you clarify what the goal of your surveying so our users or I could advise you something useful?

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