3dr radio communication problem Base - Rover

I have problems with 3dr radio comunications.

powered by df13 port
radio: 3dr usb on usb port

powered by df13 port
radio: 3dr uart on df13 port

In this configuration the grey bars in rover are not present.
With wi-fi communication there are no problems and they grey bars in rover are present.

Can you tell me the right configuration for Base and Rover?




You need to input base coordinates in the base mode. There should be a warning about this by the way.

Ok, but the problem remains.
I think there is a problem between the radios
The green led in the Rover’s radio is blinking. I think it should be solid.

Maybe you could try checking the radios by connecting them to a computer first?

Can I check and/or configure the Rover’s radio?
I can’t connect it to my computer (no usb port)
How can I reach it while it is connected to Reach?

Well, you can use Reach to debug the setup.

  1. Make sure both rover and base are stopped.
  2. SSH into the devices, one by one
  3. On the one with the USB radio, run screen /dev/ttyUSB0 57600
  4. On the one with the UART radio, run screen /dev/ttyMFD2 57600
  5. Try typing in both terminal windows.
  6. To quit screen, hit ctrl+a, then ctrl+\ and y.
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how can I do?
I only know the IP adress and now?
How to use SSH. Do I need a specific software?

Reading docs… I need Putty.

The docs should have everything

good to know… it solve all the pb with refresh embeded website :wink:

I have the same equipment and the same original problem.
but the proposed solution does not work for me …

the orange LED of the base radio, flashing; so I think my “base” works and transmits information.

Green radio LEDs are fixed so I think what is good link.
The orange LED radio, rover, blinking but very weakly.

An idea?

solved by reversing the two cables (tx and rx)

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