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(Ricardo Molinari) #1

Good Morning!

I’m about to integrate Emilid Reach into a Pixhawk 1 3DR. I am in doubt about Pixhawk’s processing power. Does she support Emilid Reach? Is there a risk of resetting in flight due to processor overload?
Anyone using this set who can tell me?

Thank you very much.


(Ricardo Molinari) #3

@tatiana.andreeva can you help me?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #4

Hi @Neodrone,

Do you want to use Reach M+ as a second GPS on a PixHawk?
Reach should work with PixHawk fine, please check ArduPilot integration guide for more details.

I’d also recommend you to supply Reach M+ separately, as it’s possible it won’t get enough power from PixHawk.

(Ricardo Molinari) #5

Hi @tatiana.andreeva!!

Thank you for your help! My use will be geotagg for accuracy of the images in surveying missions. There is no risk of overloading the Pixhawk processor?

(Tatiana Andreeva) #6


For geotagging, you don’t need to connect Reach to PixHawk at all.

You just need to:

  • connect PixHawk to your camera to trigger it;
  • connect Reach M+ to camera hot-shoe to save events;
  • provide a power supply for Reach.

I’d recommend checking the article about PPK workflow for UAV mapping as well.

(Ricardo Molinari) #8


Good Morning!

Sorry for the delay. Okay, I’ll use it this way.

One last doubt, we will use the A6000 in a Believer, but I have a small UAV that I intend to use a Sony RX100 M2. Is the emilid hotshoe compatible with this camera?

Thank you

Sorry for confusing English. I’m using the translator!:lavado:

(Tatiana Andreeva) #9

Hi @Neodrone,

Reach M+ hot shoe adapter is standard. If this camera has a hot shoe, it should work with Reach M+ just fine.

Reach M+ camera hot shoe adapter + Sony RX100 MII