3D Design Files for Survey Pole

Hey guys.

Does anyone have the full specification of the brass thread that connects the Reach to the Survey pole?

I have designed a monopole in Fusion 360 which I will share but need the dimensions (other than just 5/8) so I can complete it.

The interchangeable heads will allow other LoRa radio devices and allow you to attach your tablet to it without worrying that you need 6 hands. Estimated print (PETG) time is about 24hrs for all components so really cheap to print.

The exact dimensions of the brass connector please :wink:


Fusion 360 easily model that thread for you :slight_smile:

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Sure, but you need to know the parameters :wink:

probably find some tech specs docs at the manufacturers website for those kind of details? Or buy one?

5/8 x 11 mounting thread (this may help for the threading).


Thanks timd, I did look - then took the community option. thanks mate :wink:

The cheapest I saw was $45 and that’s without shipping. https://www.tigersupplies.com/Products/Seco-Top-Section-Rover-Pole-to-Complete-the-All-Terrain-Big-Wheel__SEC5125-057.aspx

I am designing a pole that doubles as a venturi gas extractor so the survey is spot on. I am designing all of the other parts like the bubble vial etc.

As it is modular, you can keep going higher, it will save a chunk of survey time and give the great Emlid equipment an accessory :wink:

It should never cost more than $50 for a survey pole, including the parts, even with the most expensive filament. Happy to collaborate mate :wink:

this is probably the cheapest:

All you need is something like this or even smaller or even just a point/tip etc. There are some cheap fitting adapters also. All kinds of stuff.

Keep in mind that they have different Outer Diameters also…this “extension” is 1" OD. Typical I think is 1.25" OD for a handheld rover rod. The you have range poles, 1.125"± or so… those don’t rally matter though for a typical 5/8" 11 thread your doing though.

yes, survey equipment is highly overpriced due to the high price of Trimble, Leica, Topcon etc. But personally $150 is reasonanble for a good rover rod etc.

I will post up the designs so the community can download and print off their own for less than $50. If something breaks they can just reprint or even develop their own custom mods.

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Just to clarify the threads in use:

Bottom of Reach RS(+):

  • 1/4"-20 UNC thread
  • that is 0.250 inch diameter and 20 threads per inch
  • a common camera / camera tripod thread

Bottom of Reach RS(+) brass adaptor:

  • 5/8"-11 UNC thread
  • that is 0.625 inch diameter and 11 threads per inch
  • a common survey equipment thread

If you want tech specs on these Imperial threads, use additional keywords like:
  • pitch
  • major diameter
  • minor diameter

thanks bide, much appreciated :wink:

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