2 RS+ not powering

We purchased 2 reach rs+ around last July for a field campaign. We used them for about 8 days total in Oregon in august, and maybe a couple times in October/November. Now that summer is upon us again it was time to take all the equipment off the shelf and update it for the next field campaign. We also have 3 of the original RS units that also sat the same amount of time. Using the supplied USB cable that came with all the units we plugged it into a apple charging brick. the non rs+ units worked like a charm and powered up once the battery has been charged. The two RS+ units have the amber light flashing like they are charging but never actually charge. We have left them on the charger for 4 or more hours using multiple different cables and power blocks to no avail. I have held the power button for 15 seconds but not has happened. I did once get all three light to turn on and cycle but then they all shut off and now nothing will happen. They were kept in a temperature/humidity controlled environment during storage. Has anyone else had issues with these units?

Yes, seems more so the RS+ rather the RS for some reason? Search the forum, but better yet, email support with serial numbers:

Hi Matthew,

Please email us on support@emlid.com. We will need serial numbers of the units and your shipping address.

Thank you!

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